Cookies and Santa

I'm making a gingerbread house! I hope it will look good!

Wow! The gingerbread house looks nice! These candies look yummy.

Time to decorate some cookies!

Hearts, stars, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and sheep... These cookies are too cute to eat!!

More cookies to decorate.This is sooo fun! Santa will probably LOVE them!

Christmas card, cookies, milk, wish list, carrots, and cute gingerbread house. I'm ready for Santa to come tonight!

I am sooo excited about Christmas! I hope Santa gives me nice presents!

Yay! It's Christmas Day! Time to play with the toys and presents I got from Santa! This is a SUPER FUN Christmas!!!

This is the Christmas Card I wrote to Santa this year. I hope you got nice presents from Santa! Merry Christmas!!

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