Merry Christmas!

We are almost at the Wisconsin State Capitol! It is in Madison Wisconsin.

It is BEAUTIFUL in the capitol. You should check it out!

There are many fossils in the capitol. I found a starfish on the stairs!!

Wow! This Christmas Tree is so beautiful!

There are so many lights and ornaments on the tree! It's so pretty!

The capitol was AMAZING! I hope I can come again soon!

This is a nice Christmas Wreath!

Wow! The appartment also has a beautiful Christmas Tree!

These flowers are so pretty!

Nice ornaments! Oh, there is a golden star!

Oh! Are you a tiny Santa?

Maybe we should put you on the tree. You will be a perfect ornament!

These poinsettias are beautiful! Do you like them?

Does the flower smell good?

This ornament is so Beautiful! Do you like it?

Aww... A tiny Christmas Tree! It is the perfect size for a little guinea pig like you!

How is your Christmas, Brownie? I hope you are having fun!

You are the best Santa-Guinea Pig ever!

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoyning your holidays!

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