This will be about a Japanese holiday, Girl's Day!

I am making a delicious Japanese treat, nerikiri! It is very delicious!!

YAY! I make a beautiful flower!

We made a lot with green, pink, and white! Those colors are Girl's Day colors!

Mama made a lot of delicious deserts! They were super good!

Girl's Day dinner was awesome!

Yay! Desert time!

I am pouring amazake to drink, so I can get rid of bad things out from my body. This is a Japanese tradition. Amazake has no alchohol in it, so I am able to drink it.

Such a fun day!


These are the traditional Girl's Day dolls. I am wearing a kimono, a Japanese dress.

I love Girl's Day!

Papa, say 'Cheese'!

Konichiwa! (This means hello in Japanese.)

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